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Across the recruitment marketing industry, there has been a noticeable development in terms of pay grade, job satisfaction, and future career plans. We’ve done so much to ensure that people feel valued, so now is the time to get it right for all.

That's why we've created the world's first Recruitment Marketing Salary Guide, using realtime data and insight from professionals across the industry.



For some recruitment businesses, their investment into recruitment marketing looks like finding great recruitment marketing talent. For others, it could be supporting their in-house recruitment marketing team with the right tools, techstack and equipment to amplify what they do already and put recruitment marketing on steroids.

The key takeaway we've seen is to ensure you know the metrics that indicate success for your business, in both your talent strategy and your marketing outlook.

Please make use of this information to build on your existing efforts and to make smart, cost-effective business decisions that support and help to retain the valuable marketing talent you have. If you’re a marketing professional struggling to be heard in your organisation, then this report is the ammo you need to open up professional conversations in the midst of a defining year.





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